You got it right, we're talking about the vest! The most fashionable garment this season.

The vest is not a garment of today, neither of yesterday nor of tomorrow, luckily it is a timeless garment and in fashion, everything comes back!

You may remember your grandparents wearing a knitted vest but nothing could be further from reality this year 2020 we can also see the influencer Dulceida, the model Lucia Rivera or the actress Paula Echeverría wearing the most stylish knitted vests.

There are thousands of vests but we have made a selection of the most trendy:

  1. Houndstooth vest
    It became fashionable when Zara launched it last year. We can say that it is the quintessential vest and the most sought after is the black. If you like houndstooth but you like to innovate, white and pink will be perfect for you.

  2. Plain vest
    Another option is the plain vest. Ideal to make a more sophisticated basic look. We offer you the option the color beige. By the way, we recommend combining it with the ruffle collar shirt, you'll get a more trendy look!

  3. Animal print vest
    If you love the print animal print this is your vest. With a shirt dress underneath it will look perfect!

  4. Vest for lovers of pink
    If you are a lover of pink this is your vest without a doubt!

  5. Chubby and tasty vest
    If you prefer a thicker, more wool-like vest, we suggest this one! Both in grey and in black. In addition, the framework of the front part makes it more special and different.

Now you know, this winter the vest is a must in your wardrobe! You will turn any look trendy and stylish and you will also be warm!

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