There are color combinations that have never had a very good reputation. Pink and red, it has always been said that they do not go well together. This season we go one step further, and the combinations are even more daring! It doesn't matter if they are vibrant or pastel: the motto this season is to mix tones.

A priori, we can think that orange and green cannot go well together, or the same with pink and purple. The truth is that they are not easy combinations, but if you know how to do it they can be happy, optimistic and fun combinations. It's probably the visual balm we need right now!

Let's see 5 examples of how to combine them and achieve a trendy and fun chromatic look:

Pink and purple
The key is to use a tone like white that helps marry these two colors. Our proposal is pink pants in pastel tones like our mom jean and combine it with a more intense purple bag

Green and yellow
The key is to forget fear and enter without half measures in the plane of the intense knowing that, in addition, you have the support of trends. A basic yellow top combined with a green flower print skirt can be a super look!

Fuchsia and green
Intensity is the key! But always mixed with a tone with less prominence, such as a denim blue. Combine a fuchsia top and go bold with a green bag with a lot of personality. It will be the best!

Pink and Blue

The key is to combine pastel tones. In this case, we use the same pattern and the same set but in different tones. Classic and daring at the same time.
Our recommendation is to use the light tone in the top and the cold tone in the pants.

Do you dare with the new summer trend of 2021? Join the optimistic, daring and fun looks!

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