Get ahead of the trend of the first of 2021 with sailor stripes!

Sailor rays are making a comeback. This garment is an ideal wardrobe for this 2021 that designers like Oscar de la Renta are betting on. For Comme des Garçons or Jean Paul Gaultier they are always a staple in their collections and they are always a hit.

It is true that it is a trend that is repeated year after year, perhaps because it is a very basic pattern that everyone likes, perhaps because of its elegance... The reality is that a total black or white look It is ideal with a sailor striped sweater or t-shirt. Plus, it couldn't be more versatile! It's perfect for a drink with friends, to go to university or even for a date!

We join the trend! We leave you our compilation of Sorellas:

  1. A sweater, in the purest navy style
    This sweater, in addition to being warm and super tasty, is the most elegant garment with sailor stripes from Sorellas. In addition, the zipper gives it a very special nuance!

  2. Polo-type sweater
    This polo-type sweater is ideal! Neither too thick nor too thin, perfect for spring! Combine it with some wide-leg high-waisted black jeans so that they show off the waist and the sweater that stays inside. A bbag with some silver details will look great!

  3. Basic oversize sweater
    A total basic! Stripes, round neck and oversize! Combine it with some flared jeans with fringes and some black ankle boots and you will have a super look!

Now you know, not without sailor stripes this 2021!

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